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Part Twelve, God

How many different sensations of pain are there? A broken heart feels like exactly that, a hollowness in your chest. Sharp debris railing into your lungs without warning. Each beat heavier, more laborious, marked by uncertainty; when will it give way? When will your heart compress under the pressure? The break-up was like a divorce.… Continue reading Part Twelve, God

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Part Eight, Grief

I drove into the city for my morning classes. A Greek mythology class in the morning, which I enjoyed. It was a couple of months into my first semester of college. More importantly, it was my son's birthday. Emotionally, I had been doing well for the past couple of months. College was invigorating, the atmosphere… Continue reading Part Eight, Grief

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“Moses Was Adopted”

I particularly enjoy digging through our theological ties to adoption. In Christian circles, it's commonplace to hear references to Moses' adoption to support modern adoption practices. By ingesting the whole story of Moses, I think quite a contrary picture forms. We won't spend time on the technicalities like Moses being three months before being sent… Continue reading “Moses Was Adopted”

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Religion That is Pure and Undefiled….

"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world." - James 1:27 Based on the numerous references to the widow and fatherless of the Old Testament (which are worth rereading- Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 68:5, 82:3, Exodus… Continue reading Religion That is Pure and Undefiled….

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Is God Primarily Our Adoptive Father?

One of the most frequent statements I hear from Christians in reference to adoption is that it is a demonstration of our being adopted by God, even implying that this is the primary way to view our relationship to God, based on several texts from Paul (though adoption did not exist in Jewish law and… Continue reading Is God Primarily Our Adoptive Father?